Sweet Ladies in Alabama

I was contacted by Kristie at a cancer center in Alabama and she requested some scarves for their patients. The email from Kristie said “I wanted to let you know that I received the scarves. They are beautiful! I have already handed out about 8 of them to our sweet ladies. The joy it brought to their faces is priceless! Thank you so much for your contribution and the thoughtfulness and care that you put into your gifts. The packaging is even beautiful! I wrapped them just like you asked. I even gave one of them to my aunt who has recently been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. You are truly a hero for what you do!”

Thank you Kristie for your email. I’m elated knowing that the women were thrilled to receive a scarf. Let me know when you need more…

A Note from Pat

Pat wrote “Hi! Thank you so very much for the beautiful pink scarf. It is so beautiful and does put sunshine into my life. What a nice mission to reach out to cancer patients.”

Thank you Pat for your note. It brings a smile to my face knowing the scarf made your day!

A Note from Deb

She wrote “You came to see me during my last chemo 5 years ago – my three sisters were with me that day, too. You brought me one of your scarves and we had a nice visit, you even wrote about it in your blog.

Well, my breast cancer came back on the other side this time, so I had a bilateral mastectomy and am going through chemo again, only this time I have 8 instead of 4 and then 33 radiation treatments to follow. I should finish up on my 60th birthday!

I received a pink scarf with my second diagnosis and I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful work you continue to do to make this journey a little easier to bear.”

Deb, I remember our visit like it was yesterday. I had such a wonderful time visiting with you and your sisters. Thank you so much for your note. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

A Note from Cheryl

Cheryl wrote “Thank you so much for the gift! I opened my mail on the coldest day of this year and found your gift. I put it on right away – it’s so soft and warm! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2012. I have since had four surgeries and started chemo in December and within 18 days I lost all my hair. I have had long hair all my adult life so I never owned a scarf or needed one, but now my head gets cold. I will be using your gift daily.”

Thank you Cheryl for your kindness.

A Note from Sharon

Sharon wrote “Thank you so much for the gorgeous scarf. It is absolutely beautiful and so soft! I love the color. I will wear it with pride. Thank you for your kindness. It meant the world to me.”

Thank you, Sharon, for writing such a touching card. It brings me happiness to know that such a small gesture is so greatly appreciated!