A note from Deb

At once both difficult and touching ..

She wrote:

“You came to see me during my last chemo 5 years ago …

my three sisters were with me that day, too. You brought me one of your scarves and we had a nice visit, you even wrote about it in your blog.

Well, my breast cancer came back on the other side this time, so I had a bilateral mastectomy and am going through chemo again, only this time I have 8 instead of 4 and then 33 radiation treatments to follow. I should finish up on my 60th birthday!

I received a pink scarf with my second diagnosis and I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful work you continue to do to make this journey a little easier to bear.”

Deb, I remember our visit like it was yesterday. I had such a wonderful time visiting with you and your sisters. Thank you so much for your note. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.