Thank you for considering a donation to My Pink Scarf™. Before we tell you where your money will be spent, first let us share that there are more 1,300 women on the waiting list.

As I am sure you do too, we want nothing more than to get them their gift!

All monetary donations go to buying materials for the handmade scarves and to pay for shipping those scarves out. No money is spent on overhead, such as office rent or salaries or employees and not one dime goes to things that happen in some organizations (like paying professionals to raise money) – this organization does not believe that money should be used except to aid those that the organization was created for.

Those who register to receive a scarf never pay, period. And no one profits from this organization.

Yes, we also need corporate sponsors to provide services, to keep this mission alive, however, monetary donations – meaning your money – will all go to creating and shipping pink scarves to people living with cancer. I trust this has been stated clearly, that you are assured that 100% of your money will be spent on the mission and not one dime on anything else.

If you wish to make a donation please send it through the PayPal account linked below and we will make sure that you are on our notification list, so you receive updates of our blog, our live events and anything else we are doing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Any amount would be appreciated. Thank you!

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