Shop ’til you drop…for a good cause!

Tara Lacher, founder of My Pink Scarf, Inc., is selling $5 coupon book(s) for use on November 14, 2009. The $5 you pay for the coupon book(s) will go directly to My Pink Scarf, Inc. for purchasing supplies and paying for postage.

As a reminder, postage and supplies means more scarves mailed to people who are battling cancer!

This date, November 14, 2009, is known by Herbergers and My Pink Scarf, Inc. as “Community Day.”

For $5 you will get an instant return on your investment. How? Well, the first of many coupons gives you $10 off anything in the store! You will also receive: 30% Early Bird Coupon, 6-20% off coupons, and 5 Bonus Offers (a total of $60 in savings!).

Don’t just by one … get several for family/friends!

Community Day will give community members the opportunity to save “a few bucks” while supporting a worthwhile cause.