Thank you Dacotah Bank

I want to personally thank Dacotah Bank for their generous donation to My Pink Scarf, Inc. They provided the donation through their Give Where We Live initiative. This initiative provides funds for local organizations and important causes within their communities to achieve goals and inspire a better quality of life. Over 100 women will receive scarves because of your generosity. Again, thank you!

Do you know a woman with cancer?

If you do know a woman with cancer, we would like to do something nice for her. All we need is that woman’s name, address and other particulars (like her mobile number) and we can donate a handmade pink scarf to her. Again, this is a donation from this organization to a woman who could use a little ray of sunshine in her life.

This is free.

The registration page is here (click here).

The New Website

If you looked back in time, either with a time machine or using somekewl online tools, you’d see big changes in this website with both its appearance and activity (or inactivity). One does not need to think very long to know the one-word reason that this critical mission brokedown for a time. But this story is still a terrific read, even though you may have guessed what temporarily interfered with My Pink Scarf™.

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